I guess this kind of stuff is only funny if you’ve never been in a hold up.  Which I never have.

I was channeling all the hold up flicks I’ve ever seen.  If you’ve never seen Repo Man, you really will get some laughs out of it.  I don’t mean the one that came out a few years ago about the guys who repossess organs (Forest Whittaker is in that one).  I’m talking about the cult hit of 1984 starring Emilio Estevez as Otto and Harry Dean Stanton as his repo man mentor, Bud.  There are some comedic holdup lines: “You say our names, we’re gonna hafta kill all these people, Archie!”  Or when Duke, Otto’s old friend is shot doing a holdup, he says, “I know a life of crime has led me to this sorry fate. And yet, I blame society.  Society made me what I am.”  Otto replies coldly, “That buls*#t.  You’re a white suburban punk just like me.”

I keep wondering why I don’t put masks or stockings on the heads of Jones and Brenda in these scenes.  Prolly give Brenda a bad hair day.

Last week was a nice break from the story.  Hard to get back on track! Composing a story well in four tight frames can be tough sometimes.  I did get feedback from a few readers along the lines of “Wha–what about Brenda?”  I should remind you that all this is a flashback.  For you children of the sixties, that was a literary device long before Owsley was cooking up microdots back in the day.

Here’s a little something Zukiman sent me: