I’ve been thinking lately about how much reading western novels has influenced my imagination. Either that or my imagination sought out reading like you’d find from Zane Grey and later Louis L’Amour. Somewhere in the last ten years I got turned onto Larry McMurtry as well.

I think I was twelve or thirteen the first time I found a copy of Zane Grey’s Riders of the Purple Sage, his fourth novel.  I was riding a Greyhound bus on the way to my grandmother’s house, I think, and found the book on the rack at one of the stops.  I loved the nostalgia of it, the sense of the open land, the man against the wilderness, stuff like that.  Not the kind of stuff you mention cutting your teeth on when you’re later working on a degree in English, but for sure it has its place.

I”ve been reading some Larry McMurtry lately, Streets of Laredo and Comanche Moon, part of the Lonesome Dove series. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only biker ever to dig into a good western when time permits. Truly, time doesn’t permit, but the bug his and I hadda read me some.

What are some of your favorite reads?