The original Thunder. Thunder Baggett has been doing comics longer than I’ve been legal to ride. He’s responsible for biker art in a ton of bike mags, does event maps for all the Myrtle Beach events, Hollister, and a number of other biker events. He also does absolutely kick-ass bike and hot rod portraits- you gotta get one!




Bikers Inner Circle is the home of “Good Time” Charlie Brechtel. This cat has his finger on the pulse of everything in biker-dom, and I mean properly old-school biker stuff. Dig the BIC radio podcast. Charlie also puts out some proper biker music and if you’re lucky to be at one of his shows, you know what I’m talking about.





George Webber is one cool cartoonist. And his work has shown up in a bunch of places, including Paisao Publications (Easyriders, and more), and even on TV a few times. Dude can draw babes, rods, bikes, and more.