I’ve gotten some great comments and emails in the last few months, not having posted anything since July 20. At that time I was on vacation–the first time I’ve taken time off from teaching in summer since 2004–and had been camping for a week with the family as well as to Disneyland for a week.

This year I’ve taken on an additional course, bringing the total number of courses I teach to three across five periods. Still department chair (year 6) and Saturday School Ogre (year 7). I’m also trying to knock out some coursework for an additional credential that needs to be completed by December.

Overall, it seems to be going fairly well. After getting a comment last week from a reader I sat down and drew a page of Jones faces, as well as a few of Porkins. I’ve also started carrying my little notebook in my pocket in case anything comes to mind. I’ve found that carrying a pen along with that is kind of crucial to being able to actually record stuff in it. Paper with no pen or pencil isn’t much good for writing on.

It’s been an interesting few months. The shovelhead is parked again, waiting for me to figure out a strange noise in either the transmission or the primary. I took a pretty bad fall about four weeks ago on my mountain bike and did some muscle damage to my trapezius muscles, which is on the mend pretty well by now–I’ll do it again sometime. And family life continues to be awesome.

Somewhere in all this I’m trying to assemble an actual book of Jones material to be printed and bound professionally. I hope to have the book available some time in December.

If you’re reading this, thanks for sticking around. I hope to get Jones back on the planet eventually.