I have no idea how I found this site, but I was surfing around, following links from one cool biker site to another when I came across Bikes and Buddies, a blog done by a guy named Kevin Moore. Kevin appears to have a number of talents and skills, including writing and bike building, among others.

The blog includes a number of prose pieces of some length, written by Kevin. Each contains a narrative, often a memoir of sorts, that combines action, bikes, and humor. The dude knows how to turn a phrase, to be sure.

Moore writes about stuff we as bikers will relate to and understand, and he does it in a way that makes ordinary road experiences extraordinary.  Running out of gas, starting an old engine, adding to a road’s roadkill count; these things happen to us eventually, I think. Elevating them to legend requires that the pen (or keyboard) not just be mightier than the sword, but sharper as well, and Bikes and Buddies nails it each time.  In referring to how much starter fluid a certain bike required, Moore says, “enough to set fire to Satan himself.”  In describing highways of all kinds, his imagery is strong–thick enough you could eat it with a fork, but you use a spoon to get every drop.

The only thing I’d like to see at Bikes and Buddies is more. I subscribed to the site by email so every time he puts up a new piece, it comes to my inbox (you can do that here, too).  I get the impression he puts a lot of work into his writing, because it is tight and well crafted, lacking errors of any kind.  As correct as the writing is, it has no lack of character in the least, making the read personal, enjoyable, and accessible.

Bikes And Buddies:  Give ’em a read.