Frankly I think it’d be pretty scary if I was the only dude (or chick) doing biker cartoons. That would suggest that maybe there was no demand for the stuff.  But apparently there is, even if, at the moementthere are only a few of us committed (not the asylum) to biker comics.

Naturally there’s a reasonable history of cartoons made by bikers for bikers.  Any discussion of this stuff has to start with Hal Robinson, who penned a ton of great stuff for Easyrider Magazine.  Hal passed in 1984, and I’m pretty sure Easyrider has been destitute of biker cartoons since that time, for the most part. You can get a feel for more about Robineson and his work in this article at The Selvage Yard. Artistically speaking, Hal was a master of ink, using (from what I can tell), all manner of inking implements, from pen and in nk

Talking about Robinson naturally leads right into a discussion of Thunder Baggett. Thunder was young guy in the mid-late 1970’s who dug bikes and art.  Through a series of correspondence with Hal Robinson, he managed to glean a thing or two about inkin’ art, doing biker comics, and getting his name out there. Thunder’s work has appeared The Horse, Outlaw Biker, and Supercycle.  Currently you can find his work in Cycle Source on a regular basis.

Better still, you can get your very own Art by Thunder on the wall of your house–I have one and it freakin’ rocks! Thunder will work from a photo of your bike or car and embellish it as only he can.  He’s awesome at perspective and a variety of forms of artistic expression. He also creates event maps, cartooned maps of major bike events.

Motobasturds is a weekly comic found online and created by Matt Marino. Matt also did a strip for a while called KnJ Moto, which was more about the racer crowd.  Y’see, Matt has the moto bug in a big way, and he’s not afraid to draw it out of himself.  Get it? Draw it out?  Anyway, Motobasturds features a couple of bikers and bikerettes (did I just make that up?) who hang around a shop and a bar. Matt’s moto expressions are terrific, and show that he’s another toonerator who knows his gears.

I’d be extremely remiss if I didn’t mention Jon Towle. Jon does a strip for BikerNet, the oldest biker website around, called Nick the Dick. Mildly NSFW due to language and sometimes suggestive cartoons. It’s a biker cartoon, after all. This cartoon is well drawn and colored. Towle definitely knows his trade.